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Garage Extensions Highstreet Green

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Concerned about your car sitting out in the road, exposed to the elements? Need some extra storage or recreational space outside the home? A garage extension will offer an affordable solution to your spatial needs. Interested in garage extensions but not sure where to start? With our access to a network of home improvement specialists, we'll help you find you the best Highstreet Green garage extensions at the lowest prices.
Garage extensions enable you to design the ideal space to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need an extended, closed roof garage or an open, car-port style extension, the professionals are standing by to work on your project. We can help you find the best garage extensions to suit your budget, saving you time and stress by doing the legwork for you.
Purpose of the Extensions: When considering a garage extension, it is important to take into account the purpose of the extension. If it's just for storage space for home overflow or an extra car, you probably won't need additional plumbing or electrics. If you want to extend the garage into a self-contained flat, however, plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems may be required. Regardless of the reason for wanting one, a garage extension is an investment that is likely to increase the property value of your home.
You're under no obligation to accept any of the quotes from our extension specialists, so you can use our free service to simply research the cheapest prices for your project.
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Highstreet Green garage extension quotesProfessional Extensions: Garage extensions should only be done by professionals. DIY extensions of any kind are not recommended. Extending an existing building requires specialised knowledge of architecture and engineering. Get it wrong and you could end up compromising the structural integrity of the whole building, placing your loved ones at risk. We only deal with certified professionals, guaranteed to get the job done according to industry standards and local health and safety regulations.
Multiple Story Garage Extensions: If you're interested in a garage extension that will provide a loft, there are several things to keep in mind. First, while it's quite possible to add additional living space to your garage in the form of a loft, you'll need to first obtain the proper permits. Next, if your garage is detached from your home, it's important to consider things like plumbing (if necessary) as well as HVAC systems; chances are good that you'll need window air conditioners or electric space heaters for climate control.
Extending an Existing Garage: While most homeowners consider a garage extension the addition of a garage to a home that previously did not have one, it's also possible to extend your existing garage, which can benefit you in many ways. For example, by making your garage larger, you could:
  • Store another vehicle safely. Adding another bay and door can allow you to store two or more cars in a climate-controlled environment. This means no more scraping ice from your car or worrying about damage from inclement weather.
  • Add storage space. If your current garage is only just large enough for your car, an extension could provide you with some much-needed storage space. If the garage is climate-controlled, you could store nearly anything imaginable there.
  • Create a workshop or studio. It's also possible to add a workshop or studio to your garage with a well-planned addition. This way, the noise inside the house won't distract you, and the noise you make won't bother others.
Things to Consider: Consider the size of your property before committing to an extension project. Make sure you have the correct permissions from the local council and from neighbours before starting any construction. Consider the aesthetics of your existing garage and home so that the extension still looks good, especially when facing the street, and not like a slap dab add-on. The existing garage may require some structural tweaking before the extension can be completed. Always consult the professionals about ground conditions and foundations.
Adding HVAC or Plumbing: You'll want to make sure you run electricity to your garage. While it may seem optional, it's hard to find your way into the house at night without proper lighting. HVAC and plumbing are completely optional, though, and they're things you'll want to consider prior to the building process. If you'll use your garage as a workspace, having a sink handy could add to your comfort. What's more, adding HVAC to your garage can keep you comfortable all year round, even on the coldest Winter days. It's simpler and more cost-effective to add these at the same time as your garage extension, so be sure to consider them carefully.
Garage Extension Costs: Garage extensions are generally one of the cheaper home extension options, depending on the purpose of the extension. The cost of garage extensions Highstreet Green depends on the scale of the project, design specifics, the materials required, the ground conditions and the physical labour involved during construction. Additional services such as structural re-enforcing, the installation of electrical and plumbing systems, insulation installation and upgrading heating/cooling and ventilation systems may affect the price.
The Extension Process: Before a single brick is laid, the architect and/or structural engineer will conduct a survey of your garage, drawing up plans for the extensions to suit your needs based on your ideas and aesthetic requirements. Once you are satisfied with the plan, you will be given a quote for the estimated cost of the job. Only if you agree to the pricing, should you sign the contract so that construction can begin. All building permission should be acquired prior to start of construction, something the specialists can help you with.
Need more space for that vintage car? Want a new hobby room or covered play area for your kids? Garage extensions Highstreet Green may be your best solution. Take a minute to fill in our online form, describing your ideal garage and we'll handle the rest. We'll find you the best extension services at the lowest prices. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.
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Your Highstreet Green garage extension questions answered
  • What type of garage extensions do I have to choose from? Garage extensions are multi-faceted, and can be anything from additional parking space to a workshop or home office.
  • Is a building permit needed for garage extensions? This will depend on the type of extension you desire, but the answer is usually yes.
  • Should I consult a professional building planner before attempting a garage extension? Basic extensions, such as expansions, may seem fairly simple, but there are criteria that you may not take into consideration, such as plumbing or electrical system that need to be altered. A building planner will be able to take all of these into consideration.
  • Can I install garage extensions myself? Extensions, whether they're on your garage or your bedroom, should always be done by a professional contractor. Not only will you get the assurance of a job that is done right the first time, but most contractors will offer a warranty on their work.
  • Should I knock out an existing wall or attach a new bay to the side of my Highstreet Green garage? If having a large amount of floor space is not an issue, adding a new bay to the side of your garage might be a better option because it is more economical.
  • What if I don't already have a garage? If you're interested in adding a garage to a home that doesn't already have one, this is an excellent choice. You'll need to work with your city council and your contractor to determine whether an attached or detached garage is best for your unique situation.
  • Can the contractor create a driveway, too? Once your garage is in place, you'll need a driveway to move your vehicles from the road to the garage, and vice-versa. Most of the contractors you'll encounter can build a driveway while they are installing your garage addition, so be sure to ask about this in your quote request. This is an additional service and will come with extra costs.
  • What if I want to add a loft above my garage? If you have the proper permits, and if your garage is sturdy enough to support the weight of a loft above, this is a wonderful idea for adding extra living space. In fact, if you have a multiple storey home, you can tie the loft in with the rest of the upper floor.
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